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  • why do I hate every video with freezy in it

    michael Blitzermichael BlitzerPřed dnem
  • Simon you can write multiple words Title 🖕🏾🖕🏼

    Callum Is AnnoyingCallum Is AnnoyingPřed dnem
  • For alia I’d have done diplodocolus

    Finboy21Finboy21Před dnem
  • Anyone know what happened between elk the witch and stormzy😂

    James GlanvilleJames GlanvillePřed 2 dny
  • What did jj say about Freya

    J4ck Sc0peJ4ck Sc0pePřed 2 dny
  • Just me who realised vik was behind the sign what said Simon 😂

    Lacey-maeLacey-maePřed 2 dny
  • Damn, when did Simon get so short?

    JocifyJocifyPřed 3 dny
  • 5:20 Toby’s fatherly look of disappointment 😭

    Bobby BlewBobby BlewPřed 4 dny
  • Why does vid have a board saying simon 😂

    MTC DXRKMTC DXRKPřed 4 dny
  • Thé sound he makes at 10:19

    ToprakszToprakszPřed 4 dny
  • Why is no one talking about vikks sign lmao😂😂 It says "Simon"

    Spryer RandomSpryer RandomPřed 4 dny
  • Everyone put normal things then you see cals face then he goes “I think he’s gay”

    Tao-Jade SmithTao-Jade SmithPřed 4 dny
  • I'm surprised no one said *moderater* 12:41

    Tiktok compilationsTiktok compilationsPřed 6 dny
  • i cant be the only one who noticed that the stand that vik is at says "simon"

    Susan McCollumSusan McCollumPřed 7 dny
    • Cos it's from the weakest link 2 video

      Littleskiddy6Littleskiddy6Před 5 dny
  • No one gonna talk about how vikks sign says Simon on it? No? Ok...

    Auritro DuttaAuritro DuttaPřed 8 dny
    • @Auritro Dutta ahhh ok

      Abigail EnsahAbigail EnsahPřed 4 dny
    • @Abigail Ensah yeah ik just wanted to point it out, I recognised the set from that vid and that's how I noticed it in the first place

      Auritro DuttaAuritro DuttaPřed 4 dny
    • It's from the weakest link vid bc vikk was presenting it

      Abigail EnsahAbigail EnsahPřed 4 dny
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah Vik podium had simons name on it. hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Aaryan AminAaryan AminPřed 9 dny
  • The previous walk baly travel because poison monthly disapprove amongst a testy brain. deep, absent grill

    Fluxuate XFluxuate XPřed 9 dny
  • The fact that Jack actually injured his eyebrow and not his actual eye😂

    Kali co.Kali co.Před 9 dny
    • I think they meant eye/eyeball as in his like profile picture

      Wonder BilodeauWonder BilodeauPřed 6 dny
  • What’s Callux trying to hide? 14:45

    SWHSWHPřed 9 dny
  • I guess Vikks new name is Simon...

    Ellen KjellbergEllen KjellbergPřed 10 dny
  • Nobody: Not even a soul: Me: Looking for David dobrick to comment saying “I’m not gay”

    Thicki KimmiThicki KimmiPřed 11 dny
    • @zwrld nah I was just hoping he would bahah

      Thicki KimmiThicki KimmiPřed 10 dny
    • So he did comment?

      zwrldzwrldPřed 10 dny
  • Nobody: Not even a soul: Me looking for a comment telling me what KSI said when it was blanked out 😭

    Thicki KimmiThicki KimmiPřed 11 dny
  • Can I say Simon has just give up on commenting on the others not saying one word but who cares

    Peter WaltonPeter WaltonPřed 11 dny
  • Viks thing said Simon

    Lw at23Lw at23Před 11 dny
  • What does swaz mean

    SolotovSolotovPřed 13 dny
  • Anyone notice Vikk was stud at Simon stand

    rich grimesrich grimesPřed 13 dny
  • Big up josh saying Trayaurus for Dan TDM

    Rinny RinsterRinny RinsterPřed 13 dny
  • ive got to the end of the video and only just realised vik is standing behing simons stand lol

    Amelia GrabiecAmelia GrabiecPřed 13 dny
  • Simon: Deji Sidemen: *Sweating*

    HKMHKMPřed 14 dny
  • Nobody: Simon: Freya Nightingale Josh: Be Nice! Everyone proceeds to be nice Josh: C**t

    Ellen SmithEllen SmithPřed 15 dny
    • @Ellen Smith and I happened to pick you g

      dzlfcdzlfcPřed 8 dny
    • @dzlfc i mean most people who comment have seen the video

      Ellen SmithEllen SmithPřed 8 dny
    • We saw the video 🤦‍♂️

      dzlfcdzlfcPřed 8 dny
  • 0:42 nazi

    Alex08Alex08Před 15 dny
    • Why??

      ————————————————————————Před 10 dny
  • Come on why isn't Logan Paul here

    Dev AgarwalDev AgarwalPřed 15 dny
  • I love how Vik’s station says Simon from the weakest link

    Trim4 BigZTrim4 BigZPřed 16 dny
  • for david dorbik why did no one put liza koshy

    Hollie Graham-MerrettHollie Graham-MerrettPřed 16 dny
  • JJ = uncut Vik = clumsy Harry = silly Simon = manchild Cal = funny Freezy = weird Josh = boring Tobi = fake Ethan = pretentious Deji = deji

    Johannes van der StuyvebodeJohannes van der StuyvebodePřed 17 dny
  • Got “Don’t Play” as an ad and It allowed me to skip it but I sang and listened to the whole thing🔥🔥

    Ryan MoralesRyan MoralesPřed 17 dny
  • Is it just me who noticed Vik’s sign said Simon?

    Lollypop 537Lollypop 537Před 17 dny
  • 6 minutes into the video and only just realised viks stand says simon

    Mollie WrightMollie WrightPřed 18 dny
  • Is it annoying anyone else that vikk’s says ‘simon’

    Titchy GTitchy GPřed 19 dny
  • Ethans can landing perfectly did t get enough of a reaction

    Oliver RowleyOliver RowleyPřed 19 dny
  • I thought at least one of them would of said Tesla for David dobrik

    Charlie WrightCharlie WrightPřed 19 dny
  • Ethan and Sniperwolf would be a good match

    Benjamin CookeBenjamin CookePřed 19 dny
  • JJ was just waffling about Chris's videos

    Ryan LambertRyan LambertPřed 19 dny
  • 19:14 what jake Paul needs to hear

    Diego Da Silva RodriguesDiego Da Silva RodriguesPřed 20 dny
  • one of the best video's imo. need more of this

    Joseph BowdenJoseph BowdenPřed 20 dny
  • Any1 else notice vikk was standing in front simons name and every1 else was at their own

    AbstruseClub79 -MJAbstruseClub79 -MJPřed 21 dnem
  • Why does Vikks stand say Simon😂😂

    Lzzoo2kLzzoo2kPřed 23 dny
  • Can I ask why viks stand says Simon like I know it’ll be from another video but still

    Libby Does StuffLibby Does StuffPřed 23 dny
  • Only just noticed vik is standing at Simons thingy

    Thomas MortonThomas MortonPřed 24 dny
  • Why the random switch to Josh at 19:13 ?

    Andy HackettAndy HackettPřed 24 dny
  • Is no one gonna talk about why vik name thingy says Simon on it 💀🤣

    Beth MorganBeth MorganPřed 24 dny

    Azwad SifatAzwad SifatPřed 25 dny

    Azwad SifatAzwad SifatPřed 25 dny
  • It says Simon under vicks name tag

    Liam LynchLiam LynchPřed 26 dny
  • Me realising they stole from WillNe

    Adam DuncanAdam DuncanPřed 26 dny
  • Viks stand says Simon

    Goofy PlayzGoofy PlayzPřed 26 dny
  • 7:30 swear they’re just know chunks proper “BUNDAA” 🤣🤣

    Skizzy 24sSkizzy 24sPřed 26 dny
  • What does he mean by whipped

    shahed ahmedshahed ahmedPřed 26 dny
  • Why does Vik's stand say Simon? 😂

    Aäron SercuAäron SercuPřed 26 dny
  • Vikk standing at Simmons podium be like

    A real HumanA real HumanPřed 27 dny
  • Irish people don’t say top of the morning

    Ruairi LyngRuairi LyngPřed 27 dny
  • Who realised that vik was on simons stand

    Ben PhillipsBen PhillipsPřed 28 dny
  • Ethan: 1 in 4 chance one of them have this. Me: I think we know why he dropped out of school bc it def didn’t support his CSlove career as it is shite Edit: the odds were all the words in existence plus made up words are possible divided by 4 Jk. Love you all :)

    Void LibilayVoid LibilayPřed 29 dny
  • Anybody else confused how they’re counting the points

    bubbabubblesbubbabubblesPřed 29 dny
  • Am I the only one that thinks nonce when they hear Stephen tries

    Daniel AdeotiDaniel AdeotiPřed 29 dny
  • The gorm at the front of the class tryna speak: That one kid: 19:14

    ウィルウィルPřed 29 dny
  • Glad you didn’t disrespect my boy dan boys

    Abdulelah GamingAbdulelah GamingPřed měsícem
  • 3:50 Nani sbc

    CrabbyFc and GO GX CLANCrabbyFc and GO GX CLANPřed měsícem
  • Everyone: swaz Freezy: controversial Callux: close CANCER!

    Skull TECSkull TECPřed měsícem
  • Tobi's look at jj

    Harry HCHarry HCPřed měsícem
  • 19:18 hes been called fatneek so much overweight is now a technicsl term for him

    I Zpademilio II Zpademilio IPřed měsícem
  • Pause the vid then go to 15:11 and look at freezys face omg tge sass

    Sapphire 21Sapphire 21Před měsícem
  • i lost it when freezy nsaid gay to david dobrik

    King BlingKing BlingPřed měsícem
  • Look at this man josh saying steventries is underachieving even tho he (josh) is literally the most underachieving one out of the whole sidemen. Bro your not a big shot. you're a stinker bro stop trying to act like your worth anything cuz ur not. ur a piece of shit that be dissing people for no reason.

    Zed2BronzeZed2BronzePřed měsícem
  • 12:38

    Divine 59Divine 59Před měsícem
  • Her voice isn't annoying, ksi wouldn't ever date or be around her if her voice is annoying

    JkhardyJkhardyPřed měsícem
  • 19:13 my mans was ready to kill ksi

    Quentin MingoQuentin MingoPřed měsícem
  • are we just gonna ignore harry using his phone to level the podium or....

    Amina PetersAmina PetersPřed měsícem
    • It’s harry. What do you expect?

      Sidemen SimpSidemen SimpPřed 26 dny
  • didnt know simon was asian

    Rhys StylesRhys StylesPřed měsícem
  • TommyInnit should have been here XD

    Spoon ToonsSpoon ToonsPřed měsícem
  • Where is Niko

    Adam Miah Year 7Adam Miah Year 7Před měsícem
  • Harry spelled coloUr wrong and it's pissing me off

    Jon3sy1996Jon3sy1996Před měsícem
  • Everyone : 4:20 ,vlog Harry: lisp Frezzy: i-i I think he's gay JJ:dead

    emilys vlogsemilys vlogsPřed měsícem
  • No one: Calfreezy: I think he’s gay 😂💀

    paige renniepaige renniePřed měsícem
  • 3:23 was sick

    AmberAmberPřed měsícem
  • mr beast ??

    sathvik chandrasathvik chandraPřed měsícem
  • How did nobody put keylor navas for nepenthes

    Andy UkuAndy UkuPřed měsícem
  • "One word challenge" Josh: So can I write multiple words? Simon: Yes Accuracy -100

    mikea hiooimikea hiooiPřed měsícem
    • You mean Vik, simon is playing the game😼

      Dede HoranDede HoranPřed měsícem
  • "describe CSlovers in *one word* " Also them: "top of the morning"

    Ahmed BateaAhmed BateaPřed měsícem
  • are cal and cal joining sidemen

    Its Elit3GunnerIts Elit3GunnerPřed měsícem
  • when it was Nepenthez i was expecting cheeky keylor navas🤣🤣🤣

    FlaminGODFlaminGODPřed měsícem
    • I hope people don’t actually think Irish people say “top of the mornin”

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiPřed měsícem
  • I love how they used the Barns and Nobles picture of PewDiePie

    gioyu comigioyu comiPřed měsícem

    TheresaTheresaPřed měsícem
  • this video shows no-ones loyal slating Chris like that 😂

    lucy rlucy rPřed měsícem
  • Josh:*takes the piss out of sniperwolfs voice* Cal: yo shut the fuck up

    Small Black ManSmall Black ManPřed měsícem
    • swear david dobrik is gay he seems gay to me

      gioyu comigioyu comiPřed měsícem
  • Pov: this was recorded the same day when they filmed the sidemen sunday

    Abdur RafayAbdur RafayPřed měsícem
  • am i the only one who CANNOT stand that freezy guy???

    jessi smithjessi smithPřed měsícem
  • Very good😂😍

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cosePřed měsícem
  • Main channel worthy

    higxthigxtPřed měsícem
  • F2 and Sidemen collab ??? that’d be pretty sick tbh

    Brice MelchorBrice MelchorPřed měsícem